Texas Cages offers a variety of services: from private baseball and softball lessons, to the rental of its indoor batting cages and real leather baseballs and softballs. You can choose from live-arm pitching or hitting off of one of the many JUGS® pitching machines or Iron Mike. We also have bullpen mounds, an outdoor field, and a double cage so you can work on your defense.

Private Softball & Baseball Lessons

Be prepared to improve your game! Texas Cages offers all levels of professional instruction. From degreed college coaches to high-school players currently playing the game, we have softball and baseball instructors to fit every budget. All of our baseball and softball instructors are experienced and good with players, getting down to their level and quickly making a difference.

Ready to learn? Call 713-501-1470 or use the Contact Us form to make an appointment.


Real Baseballs & Softballs

Indoor Batting Cages

Texas Cages uses the finest leather baseballs and 11' and 12' softballs in its pitching machines. You can throw to your players or use the real leather baseballs and softballs in the numerous machines.

No more stinging their hands on hard dimple balls. Hit and pitch the balls they are going to use in the game and get the feel right!

No other cage in the area is going to offer you real baseballs and softballs. It is a benefit you get only at Texas Cages.





Indoor Cages  

Texas Cages has nine cages to accommodate all levels of players: from high school and college baseball, to select softball, to beginning Little-Leaguers.

The cages are also host to several select teams who come in one to several times a week to sharpen their skills.

One of the cages is a double cage so that you can work on light fielding or drag bunting. The double cage has a net curtain that can be drawn closed in the center, transforming it into two full-sized cages.

There is also a third-sized whiffle ball cage, a ping-pong table, air hockey, and a Lego table to keep the little ones amused while big brother and sister get their cuts in.


Pitching Mounds

Iron Mike

Texas Cages boasts two bullpen mounds in its cages for your pitchers to get some work.

  Pitching Mound


Iron Mike  

Good 'ole Iron Mike. A machine that throws like a real pitcher.

With this arm machine, you can see when the pitch is coming and work on your timing, just like with a real pitcher. The machine also throws the ball all over the plate based on how the seams of the ball go into the hopper, just like a real pitcher. The changes are up, down, inside, and outside. The speeds change. You will get a real workout against Mike.

Throws 38 real baseballs 25 - 85 mph.



JUGS® Combos

Jugs CPM
Jugs Combos  

Four JUGS® combination baseball or softball pitching machines.

Throws 20–104 mph.

JUGS® Curveball Pitching Machines, throws any type pitch: left or right curves or sliders, straight or rising fastballs, and even split-finger fastballs.

Throws 20–104 mph.



Outdoor Field

You can practice your entire game at our newly installed practice field with movable bases. Lights are going up soon so you can work out night and day. Take your game to the next level at Texas Cages.